Type of Waste

Medical Wastes: hospital wastes such as: bandage , swaps, injection syringe, drop bottle, lab waste, expired drugs, infectious internal organ, napkin, diaper, mask, gloves, pharmaceutical waste, hazardous wastes , Laboratories wastes, healthcare waste.

Animal Wastes: dead animal body and pets carcasses: Eg. dog, cat, chicken, duck, fish, birds, cattle, etc, farm incinerators , such as cattle farms, pig farms, sheep farms, stables, kennels, abattoirs, testing laboratories, catteries, pet crematoriums and poultry farms, ABP rendering plants & other waste disposals. Thus we manufacturer animal incinerator for animal carcass incinerator, sheep farms incinerator, cattle farms incinerator, poultry farms incinerator, pig farms incinerator, stables incinerator, abattoirs incinerator, animal cremation incinerators.

Household Wastes: rubbish, bottles, , plastics. fruit peel, kitchen garbage, papers, trash, rags, leftovers, trees, leaves, lowers, roots, etc

Industrial Waste: the general waste or solid waste produced in industrial area and factories and construction sites, environmental or recycling facilities, landfills,  manufacturing, mining, agricultural   eg. rubber, plastic, fiber, paper, leathers, wood, glass, general & municipal waste management, material , municipal waste, domestic wastes or from industrial activities , solid incinerator for solid waste in factories & construction sites.

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