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China Medical Waste Furnace Manufacturer
China Garbage Incinerator Manufacturer
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China Pet Animal Cremation Equipment
China Pet Hospital Crematory Equipment Manufacturer
China Biological Waste Incinerator Manufacturer
China Animal Crematorium Equipment Manufacturer
China Animal Waste Incinerator Manufacturer
China Ecological Incinerator Manufacturer
China Batch load Waste Incinerator Factory
China Batch Load Medical Waste Incinerator Manufacturer
China Family Pet Cremation Equipment Manufacturer
China Animal Cremation Product
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China Animal Waste Incinerator
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China Medical Waste Incinerator Manufacturer
China Animal Hospital Crematory Equipment Manufacturer
China Infectious Waste Furnaces
China Animal Cremator Equipment
China Veterinarians Crematoriums
China Vet Hospital Incinerator Manufacturer
Chinese Pet Cemetery Crematorium Equipment
China Small Animal Incinerator Manufacturer
China Hazardous Waste Incinerator Manufacturer
China Incinerator
China Hospital Incinerator Exporter
China Veterinary Hospital Waste Incinerator Manufacturer
China Pet Animal Cremation System
China Laboratory Incinerator Manufacturer
China Pet Crematorium Manufacturer
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Gas Fuel Burner

Burner Performance feature
Al-in-one blower.
Manual switch for one stage/two stage
Gas auto-leakage(option)double solenoid valve (single vafive for one stage)
Protect for the gas pressure ensure to stop burner running when the gas pressure is too high or too low.
Protect for the air pressure ensure to stop burner running when the air pressure is too low.
Sweep the tube before ignition.
Safety flame monitors system.
The servo motor will close the air gate when stop the burner.(manual adjust the air gate for one stage)
The servo motor moves the camto control the air gate and the gas butterfly valve which adjusting the consumption of air and gas.(For modulating & Sliding series)
Convenient for the installation,commissioning and maintenance because the gemel connection between the burners body and tube
The burner is easy to install for the portable body,The client just connects the power supply and gas suply and gas supply then can start the burner.
The little running noise and the discharge gas can suitable for the demands of the environmental protection.
Can suitable different kind of fuel gas.
The standard collocate Electric protect grade is IP40.

Burner Operation

BT...GF On-off
BT...GRF HI-LOW with servo motor
BT...GS/M Sliding/Modulting with servo motor

Gas Burner - One-Stage Gas Burner - Modulating Gas Burner
 Model Output max.(Kw) Output min.(Kw)  Model Output max.(Kw) Output min.(Kw)
 BT3GF 41.9 16.3  BT17GS/M 168 50
 BT6GF 56.3 30.6  BT35GS/M 340 60
 BT11GF 99 48.8  BT40GS/M 425 185
 BT17GF 168 69  BT60GS/M 738 248
 BT20GF 200 50  BT100GS/M 995 280
 BT30GF 300 60  BT120GS/M 1200 350
 BT35GF 358 90  BT150GS/M 1428 414
 BT50GF 596 169  BT200GS/M 2000 490
 BT60GF 738 248  BT250GS/M 2500 590
Gas Burner - TWO-Stage  BT350GS/M 3500 924
 Model Output max.(Kw) Output min.(Kw)  BT400GS/M 3800 924
 BT17GRF 168 69  BT450GS/M 4000 550
 BT20GRF 200 50  BT550G S/M 5400 600
 BT30GRF 300 60  BT650G S/M 7400 800
 BT35GRF 358 90  BT1000G S/M 10500 1000
 BT40GRF 425 185 Gas Burner - Coal-gas-burner
 BT60GRF 738 248  Model Output max.(Kw) Output min.(Kw)
 BT100GRF 995 280  BT11TGF 109 48
 BT120GRF 1200 350  BT17TGF 150 69
 BT150GRF 1428 414  BT30TGF 208.8 101
 BT200GRF 2000 490  BT40TGF 320 186
 BT250GRF 2500 590  BT60TGF 465 184
 BT300GRF 2982 657  BT30TGF 208.8 101
 BT350GRF 3500 924  BT35TGF 279 128
 BT400GRF 3950 924  BT40TGF 320 186
Model Specification  BT60TGF 465 184
TC-10G OFF-ON, Output(10Kcal/H):1-2  BT100TGF 755 355
TC-30G OFF-ON, Output(10Kcal/H):3  BT150TGF 1451 653
GOM-2 OFF-ON, Output(10Kcal/H):12  BT250TGF 2362 715
GOM-3 OFF-ON, Output(10Kcal/H):20
AG-100 Two stage, Output(10Kcal/H):80

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